Little Belle: Every Picture Tells a Story

A Whimsical Tale (Tail) of One Rescue Dog
as told to Christine Bunsick & Jane Dempsey

Hi ! I was born in a place called South Dakota on June 26, 1996. I began my journey at 5 1/2 weeks old, when I was put in a cage and placed in a truck headed for some place called California.

My first stop: a pet store in a mall. I lived in a cage, where many people would stop and look at me. One day, a young man came into the store and he played with me – I liked him a lot ! He told me, that he was going to buy me and take me home. He said, he had an Old English Sheepdog when he was a boy (Puppy? Human terms sometimes confuse me – I was still learning !).

I was very excited when we got home. After all that time in the cages, it sure felt good to run and run and run. Well, not all of my young man’s family (pack) thought my playful antics were fun. I was banished to a place called “the garage” – no one to play with in there. My owner’s mom called me “a big mistake” – imagine that!

It wasn’t very long before my young owner, told me that he had a new job and no longer had time for me. My owner’s sister (littermate?) called the Old English Sheepdog Rescue in Southern California. Jane, with the OES rescue took me in. At first, I was very scared- what would happen to me now?

A very nice veterinarian named Dr. Martin examined me and gave me two shots – OUCH!

Anita and Jake, who worked for Dr. Martin, took care of me at the kennel. They played with me so much the first day that I really became tired and slept very well that night.

I decided that I liked being a “rescue” dog – whatever that is – even though I had to be brushed and get a bath. I did not mind being spayed either. I was clean, had people to play with, and even got to take Jake for long walks; Sometimes, he could not keep up with me when I went into the bushes.

One day, I even got to play with another Old English Sheepdog- an older (by 3 weeks) and wiser (so he claims) rescue boy named Digby. Digby told me, he was from AKC Champion lines- what ever that is? My guess is that, it’s because he is from Iowa and I’m from South Dakota. Digby said, he was going to his new home that day. I was a little sad because, I thought no one would want a dog from South Dakota. Digby said, he was sure that rescue would find just the right new home for me very soon.

Digby, looked so handsome with his new family. A few days passed and GUESS WHAT?

DIGBY WAS RIGHT ! I was going to my new home. I went to see Dr. Martin for something called a “health certificate”. I needed this, he said, because I was going to fly to another state. At first, I was a bit confused – sheepdogs don’t fly, they herd! Then Jane explained to me that flying meant traveling in an airplane. Something like the truck trip, only faster. I got another bath and then I met Tina, my new mom.

Tina came all the way to Los Angles, from a place called Tucson, Arizona, just for me- a dog from South Dakota. It was love at first sight! I said good-bye to all my friends in rescue. Everyone smiled and waved when I left Dr. Martin’s office, I knew they were all happy for me.

Off we went in the car to the airport. Mom checked us in and even gave me a toy to keep me busy during the flight. Mom, gave the thumbs up, when Juan and Raymond, who worked for Delta Airlines, took me to the airplane. They stayed with me just before the plane left for Tucson.

I liked flying to my new home a whole lot better than the truck ride from South Dakota to the pet store in the mall in California. When we landed, I met Matthew, my new dad, Tina’s husband. He liked me right away and I was thrilled! Then Tina and Matthew took me to my new home.

My journey is now over that I am in Tucson. I have my mom, my dad and three children – Ashton, Westin, and Ashley – to herd, watch over and love. I also have a new best friend, I share my home with Hamlet, another Old English Sheepdog who, like me was once a “rescue” dog. We get along great!

Digby, would be surprised to know that even without AKC Champion lines, I have a big name like his; My name is TALLULAH BELLE, but you can just call me Belle.